Hi, I'm Richard, and I am in love with traveling, photography, and filmmaking. Traveling satisfies my never-ending curiosity and passion for exploring. The visual storytelling is a perfect avenue to share my experiences from my travels with the world. I capture the land, the sea and most of all, the people. When on the road, I observe and document what I see and feel. I aim to leave a small footprint.  Remote locations and physical discomfort won't stop me in my quest to deliver the best story and imagery possible. On the contrary, I thrive in such environments.   

I believe that every one of us can make a difference in this world. During my travels, I often met people not so fortunate as I am. My way of giving back is being a child sponsor with Cambodian Children's fund.

My professional life is also revolving around beautiful images. I make my living as a visual effects artist. You can find my name among the visual effects credits in several known movies. 


This is the gear I am currently using