My name is Richard Simko and this is a short bio about me, about where I come from and what I do for fun and for living.

I was born behind the "Iron Curtain" in former Czechoslovakia..Passion for beautiful imagery, creativity as well as exotic countries led me to a combination of my profession and interests that evolves around creating beautiful images, be they stills or moving. I am digital artist by trade working on visual effects for blockbuster movies. In my spare time I devote myself to photography and travelling. Although I do not make living with photography, I put lots of time and effort into my images. My main focus is on travel photography and filmmaking. That includes broad range of genres as landscape, adventure, documentary, humanitarian or street photography. To keep the creative juices flowing, I do not shy away from other genres of photography. 

I am a strong believer that every one of us can make a difference in this world. In many ways. During my travels I encountered situations, places and people not so fortunate as I am. I believe it is my obligation to give back one way or another. I am child sponsor at Cambodian Children's Fund.