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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 6 - Last days and farewell Antarctica

During the second half of Antarctic Peninsula exploration, we reach our southernmost point. The pressing time schedule and unfavorable weather forecasts don't allow us to go any further south. Let's enjoy last few days in Antarctica before turning the ship around and leave this beautiful continent behind.

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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 5 - Sailing towards Antarctic Peninsula

Our time on the South Shetland Islands ended and we keep pushing towards the Bransfield Strait. It is a big body of water that separates the islands we left behind from Antarctic Peninsula. There are more adventures ahead and more exciting sight to see. Here I will finally set my foot on Antarctic continent itself.

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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 4 - South Shetland Islands

I have already got the first taste of the South Shetland Islands. The late landing on Barrientos Island was a sign of exciting adventures to come. We have few more landing in this amazing landscape including a famous Deception island with its abandoned whalers site.

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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 3 - Crossing the Drake Passage and first landing

It is time to leave Ushuaia Ushuaia and set the sail for Antarctica. The dreaded Drake Passage is ahead. I saw big cargo and cruise ships battle the swells. Doing it on square sail rigger such as Europa will be that much more challenging.But I am ready and dare to say, I am looking forward to it.

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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 2 - Meet the ship

It is time to introduce Europa. When researching Antarctic voyages, I had no idea, there might be some more exciting options that modern cruise liners. Until a day I stumbled upon Bark Europa website. I was immediately hooked and I knew, if I ever go to Antarctica, it has to be on that ship. Let's take a closer look.

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Antarctica expedition on Bark Europa, Part 1 - Ushuaia

My dream to visit Antarctica has become a reality. I found myself on the plane to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and the gateway to Antarctica. Te Bark Europa, a long tail square-rigged ship is waiting at the port to take us to the Antarctic peninsula.

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