3 photographers I admire


Who are my photography heroes that inspire me? The list is quite long here but I decided to pick 3 photographers, each representing a slightly different reason that put them on the list. All 3 guys are world renown photographer that everybody knows if they haven't lived in the cave last 40 years.

Joe McNally

Joe is one of the most versatile photographers today. You can give him any assignment really and he comes back with amazing images. Another thing I like about Joe is his personality and willingness to share his vast knowledge about photography.


Steve McCurry

One of the finest image makers today. Best known for his "Afghan girl" photograph that appeared on National Geographic cover but he is so much more than that. Steve's style is captivating, almost painterly nice colorful images with majority of his work being portraits. His photographs are recognizable and they have very special aesthetic to them which I am drawn to. I was fortunate to meet him in person. He is a really nice guy. 


James Nachtwey

"The war photographer". He is to me the finest working photojournalist today. Throughout his professional career he covered number of conflicts, natural disasters, every day lives. His mostly black and white images make me always stop and think. He inspires me with his ability to tell the story.