7 day photography challenge, 7 days of my life, 7 black & white photographs

I have just completed the 7 day photography challenge, 7 days of my life, 7 black and white photographs challenge. A week ago I have been challenged by Chris G. Parkhurst of Barang Films to take part in this challenge.  Rules were simple. Take a black and white photograph with no people in it. Post it on social media with no description and nominate somebody else to take up this challenge.

And challenge it was. Two days of the week are easy. I had some time to walk around and take more photographs to choose from on Saturday or Sunday. Weekdays were more challenging. Being inside in the office didn't really help. Especially my workplace has very strict rules when it comes to cameras. Basically, all photography on site is strictly prohibited. That only left me with some time during my walk to and from work. Nevermind. I wasn't about to give up and I came up with 7 photographs. They are not portfolio pieces but I completed the challenge. It was also a good exercise. Most of my images have people in them and I do enjoy photographing people a lot. Certainly having a human element in these pictures would make them that much better. But rules are rules.

Here are the seven photographs I have come up with.