Cape to Cape voyage, tribute to Europa's crew


I like to do small projects on my trips. If you go a few blog posts back I did a “galley” project on my last trip to Antarctica. This time around I am a crew member so I decided to do a small tribute to Europa’s crew on this voyage. They all work really hard and they are the ones that make this trip awesome for everyone. There is not too much free time as the schedule and shift hours are gruelling. However there are coffee breaks at 10 am and 4pm. 30 min of break (sail handling dependent) that we spend next to the wheelhouse drinking coffee, tea, eating cookies and chat. Most of the photographs with exception of few are taken during these breaks. The rest I managed to snap during our landings or work on the deck. This is a really nice bunch and it’s been a privilege to sail and work with them on this voyage. Janke, Finn, Merle, Enguerrand, Gjalt, Merel, Lex, Beth, Adam, Loek, Rune, Mille, Rembert, Greg, Adrian, Jordi and Sarah, thank you guys. I miss you all heaps