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1st major mirrorless adventure trip

I am getting ready for my next adventure. My goal is to climb Chulu West peak (6,419) in Himalayas. I'll be on the road for 3 weeks and this is my first major trip without DSLR. Instead I'll be accompanied by mirrorless cameras. I admit it makes me feel bit uneasy but on the other side I am sure I will not miss the bulk especially in higher altitudes. If you ask why, have a read.

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Solar power on photography trips

Keeping batteries charged on longer great outdoor trips can be challenging. There is no universal solution to every possible scenario. Some situations can be certainly covered to keep the peace of mind that batteries won't run flat when comnfronted with decisive moment. Solar power is one of possible solutions that will of course work only during sunny days. This is how I hooked up my portable "power plant".

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