Comandante, short video (shot with Fujifilm X-T2)

Here is a short video I shot with Fujifilm X-T2 recently. I wanted to test out the video capabilities and I thought, rather than shoot random clips, I make a small project out of this exercise. After all, I want to use the camera on cohesive, finished projects and not shooting test video clips. A video is something that I am just getting into and I hope to do more of it in the future.

Interestingly enough, this project is a result of insomnia. Sometimes I have a trouble to switch off my brain when going to bed. There is a myriad of thought going through my mind before I am finally able to fall into sleep. That particular night I was thinking about making some video to test and learn the video capabilities of my newly acquired Fujifilm X-T2. I do paint quite often. It is a form of relaxation and disconnecting from my busy work life. The idea of filming my process of painting and turning it into a short movie was not new. I thought about it before but acrylic painting might take too long to finish. Watercolor on the other side can be quite fast, especially when doing a simple sketch. I have not scripted the shoot. The whole project started with a simple idea. During this process, I learned  a little more about specifics of shooting video with Fujifilm X-T2. 

I am not experienced videographer nor painter so bare that in mind when you watch the movie. It is a process of learning the craft and next attempts will get better. I shot with minimal gear. No fancy sliders, gimbals or anything like that. Also, it would not be possible to operate it and paint at the same time. You can find the gear list below. 

Everything was brought into Davinci Resolve for editing and grading. It is an awesome piece software and it is free. Video files look gorgeous outside the box, however, I wanted to test the grade ability of the footage as well.

Here is the gear list I used to complete this project.