Editing photograph with Macphun Luminar-Fujifilm Xtrans RAW

Macphun Luminar is an interesting application that came out at the end of 2016. Macphun Software is improving the application and Luminar shows a lot of potentials. I have already written two posts about how Luminar deals with Fujifilm Xtrans files. I use Fujifilm cameras and that is the reason I am interested in it. 

This is an example of how I would edit an image from start to finish. For the purpose of this video, I went quite fast with the edit as I didn't want it to run too long. This is the first ever voiced over video I have ever done. Frankly, is still very awkward to listen to myself :) Anyways, back to the topic. Quite often I come back to edited image a day or two later and look at it with fresh eyes. More often than not, I realize I pushed some sliders a tad bit too hard and I ease back on them. I have not done it to this image though. And for sure, looking at it 2 days later I would dial back few adjustments. But for purpose of this video, the edit is good as it is.

As far as Luminar goes, I am pretty happy with the result I got out of it. I mentioned this in my previous posts about Luminar. Some sliders have a different response to those in Lightroom. It is a matter of getting used to them. There are a plethora of filters to choose from. All the essentials are covered. Some of the more exotic ones are pretty useful too if used sparingly. I like the layer implementation. It is a very good feature to have. I'd love to see the luminosity masks from Aurora HDR implemented in Luminar. That would be very useful as well. Another feature I would like to see is a "flow" setting on the brush. I prefer that to opacity setting.
Where Luminar has to improve, is speed. I understand it is a very "young" application and Maphun Software keeps improving it. However, I find it little slow. While it doesn't hinder me now as I use it to edit only a few images. If I wanted to edit a larger number of images and quick I would still choose Lightroom.

There is a potential here. You can try it for yourself. Especially if you are a Fujifilm user, you can compare the demosaicing from Luminar and decide for yourself if you prefer it over the Lightroom.

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