Fuji X passion photography magazine

fujiXpassion magazine-002.jpg

I received the first volume of brand new Fujifilm X passion magazine in my mail this week. First of all, if you are a Fuji shooter and you don't know about Fuji X passion, then you should definitely check them out. It is an upcoming website/magazine/community created by two Portuguese photographers Hugo Pinho and Mauricio Reis.

I preordered the magazine prior to official release at the price of 12. Together with shipping I paid 20€. I thought it's quite high price tag until I opened the package. My first impression was that the magazine had very premium feel to it.  They use 250gsm/m2 paper with glossy finish for soft cover and 135gsm/m2 matte paper for the content. Inside the magazine there is a 10% discount coupon for future purchases in the store. Nice touch even though the store doesn't have too many items yet. Don't forget, this is fairly new venture at this time.

There are works of 8 photographers featured in this issue together with their stories. It is Fuji oriented but as for photographic works it can be inspirational just for everybody. Magazine uses lots of white spaces and it's nicely designed. Typography is very nice although for my ever deteriorating eyesight, the type is little too small. I wish it was little bigger. Matte paper for the content is good and bad. Text is well readable and there are no distracting reflections while reading or viewing the photos. Paging through Magazine doesn't leave finger marks which is good. However I think photographs or at least some do loose some detail in the darks and also blacks are not so crisp;. As I said it can work for certain style of photography, while others may suffer. I am sure there were reasons behind used paper stock.

Overall this magazine is of very high quality and standard. Definitely worth the price. With hard cover it could easily qualify as coffee-table book. I'll be definitely getting the next issue.