Fuji X X-shirts on Fujirumors

This article is here to help a friend and his wonderful idea. I am involved in charitable activities myself and I am always up for more. Please follow the link below to learn more. Also, if you are interested in Fuji cameras, Fujirumors is the place to keep an eye on.

From the article:

"My fellow X-shooters,

it’s with big excitement that today I share with you the personally most important article I’ve ever written on FR, because I’m finally connecting my big passion (the X-series & FujiRumors) with a big ideal of mine (charity & volunteering).

Now, I won’t bore you with the story about how I love to spent my “holidays”; from cleaning toilets and repairing bathrooms in Nicaragua, paint & play with orphans (video), distribute food to kids living in a waste disposal site, medicate them, teach maths (& magics) in Brazilian slums and more…

I just want you to know that charity and volunteering is something I strongly believe in, work for and spend my money into (at least as much as for Fuji X gear ).

The result of this combination between passion & ideal are the Fair Trade Fuji X-shirts, proudly made in Cambodia by Fair Trade & Zero Waste fashion label Tonlé and designed by Papernoise. Moreover, I decided to devolve 100% of the Profits to KNGO, more about this Cambodian NGO down below.

I’ll anticipate just one thing: with the money raised, KNGO could employ more teachers, build a New Classroom and include more children into its free education program!"