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Grading DJI Mavic footage in Davinci Resolve 14 without LUT

Here is my second part of grading DJI Mavic footage in Davinci Resolve 14 tutorial. Although I used version 14 (public beta), this grading can be done in earlier versions of Davinci Resolve. 

This tutorial uses a lot of same techniques as the previous one. I highly encourage you to check out that one first and then come back to this one. I add vignette or grain almost to any footage I  grade. The blur I apply to the clip to get rid of oversharpened look is also a standard step I usually do. All these are covered in more detail in the previous tutorial.

There is one distinct difference between the two workflows. Notice how I do all global adjustments to the clip before a node with LUT in my first tutorial. While making these changes, I am always viewing the result after the LUT applied. Meaning, I "massage" the footage before LUT in such a way that the LUT output gives me a pleasing result. When I am creating my look from scratch I do my adjustments sequentially.  I strongly recommend watching the first part before this.