Home - a short film (Fujifilm X-T2, GoPro Hero5 and DJI Mavic)

This is a short movie I put together from the footage I randomly captured during my holiday back home in Slovakia. I shot it mostly on Fujifilm X-T2 and few shots on GoPro Hero5 and DJI MAvic Pro drone. It was an excellent opportunity to challenge myself with shooting things that I am very familiar with. As it often happens, creativity kicks in only when I am traveling to what I would call "exotic" locations. At home, however, it often feels creatively uninspired or burned out. Taking out the camera is the last thing on my mind. That is why this small project was great opportunity to break this stigma and learn a thing or two about the filmmaking process. It is one thing to watch tutorials and learn the theory. Getting the "hands dirty" is something else entirely. 

I learned a ton while working on this small project. About shooting, editing, sound and much more. I made a ton of mistakes but those are also good to learn from. Same thing again applies here. You can watch tutorials endlessly but you have to try things. Fujifilm X-T2 video quality is excellent. Anyway, I will write about my thoughts and observations in another post.

I didn't have any script to work and most of the shots I captured randomly. There are some I captured deliberately with editing in mind. My parents live in a small village in south Slovakia and I hope the footage shows how it feels to spend a holiday at in a small village. Time seems to be much slower here than in a big city. Although not perfect, I hope you like the video.  It was great to be home, shoot at home and be with my loved ones. Till next time folks ...

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