Leaving Singapore

After nearly four years I left Singapore. It’s been an amazing ride, especially looking at all the trips to Asia I made during that time. As some of you know, I work in VFX industry which is notoriously volatile. Jumps are mostly contract based and industry is driven by subsidies that certain locations offer to VFX companies. And it caught up with me as well. I lost my job in Singapore and I had to leave. In the meantime I had secured a new job which starts in February 2016. That gives me few months to relax and recuperate from my last long and difficult project. But the way, I will be moving to Sydney, Australia and will be working on sequel to Lego Movie. Project will last till October-November 2016. My Singaporean phone number will not work and I publish Australian phone number as soon as I have one. 

As for my few month break I  decided to do some traveling. I have already visited Cambodia for a week. Since I have plenty of friends there it made sense to visit them and say goodbye before I leave the region. It is definitely not my last visit there but from Sydney it takes much longer. Weekend getaways to Phnom Penh are definitely a history. Next will be Mongolia. Just about 2 months after my first visit and I will be back. I spend December and early January home with my family in Slovakia. I have not been home during Christmas for several years so this is a nice opportunity to do so.  And thats pretty much it. I am little sad that my time in Singapore is over but there are new opportunities and adventures ahead. I will definitely post some photos from Cambodia and Mongolia. Look out for them.