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Luminar Neptune, the photo editing example from start to finish

Macphun released a new version of Luminar, their RAW conversion and photo editing software. It has a number of improvements and new additions to it. Most notably it is the Accent- AI filter. According to Macphun, it uses artificial intelligence when analysis the image and making decisions about what to change. The whole filter is one slider only. Apart from this, there are other improvements such as history associated with clone stamp tool, updated to vignette filter and general performance improvements.

I picked one of my older photos and I edited it from start to finish. Not focusing so much on the new features but rather the way I would work with an application on a day to day basis. I shot the photo of this little girl in remote H'mong village in Laos. I used Nikon D700 with 24-79mm f / 2.8 zoom. 

Generally, I feel that speed on the application improved. It is still not the fastest but it is better than it was. History with clone stamp tool and updated vignette filter are very handy.

The new Accent-AI filter might be helpful for those who are just getting started with photo editing. From what I tried I can say that it improves the look of the image. It doesn't mean though it takes it to the creative direction you intend to take the image. As for my workflow, I throw the filter in and give it a try and see what it does to the image. I may keep it in the filter stack if I like the result or delete it and start from scratch if I don't. Generally, it is a nice addition.

I wish the masking brush used to flow as well as opacity. It would be much easier to build up the masking effect. I find the soft edged brush still little too hard at the times. I think the fully opaque core is still little too big even with softness set to 100%. 

At the moment, Luminar is only available for Mac but Windows version is in works. Another important feature that Macphun is working on is the photo library and catalogue. This addition would bring it closer to the likes of Lightroom, Capture One or ON1.

 Black & white version out of Tonality Pro 

Black & white version out of Tonality Pro 

 Final color version after blended black & white layer

Final color version after blended black & white layer

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