My favourite X photographs


It was October 2012 when I purchased my first Fuji X camera.  I was after a small, inconspicuous yet capable camera and I got myself a Fuji X-E1 with 35mm Fujinon lens. This combo seemed to be the best fit at the time. Prior to Fuji, I have tried small cameras from other manufacturer but I was not completely happy for one reason or another. They were of the first generation of mirrorless cameras. At that time a new, but promising technology. I knew that sooner or later there will be a camera that would fit me. I just had to be patient. And I am not talking about megapixels or any of that nonsense. I am talking about a tool that would allow me to focus on my vision and communicate that through the photographs. That "camera" happened to be from Fuji. To this date I owned 3 of them and I liked them all. To me they felt very natural. Quirki at the times but nothing too serious. I read many comments and complains from other people who didn't like to use them. That's perfectly fine. Just use whatever camera you like. I have friends who tried Fuji and didn't feel comfortable with it. They moved to different system and guess what. They  make beautiful images. One camera will not fit everyone. Pick yours and make it work the way you like. I did.

Anyway, less then month after I purchased it I took it to my trip to Myanmar as a backup camera. I ended up shooting it more than initially expected. I shot some of my favourite photographs with it. Encouraged, few months later on I got X100S and recently X-T1. X series have matured since then, lens family is nicely growing and quality is outstanding. Well I have not tried them all but I trust my fellow X-shooters who did. I am very happy with these cameras. These days I use them way often than DSLR (which I still own) or MFT cameras. I also like the attitude of Fuji as company. Their commitment to customers and improving already released cameras are unprecedented. There is still room for improvement though. Although I only shoot in available light (in other words I suck with flash),  I understand a need for dedicated native flash system. Personally, I miss good video capabilities. If Fuji offered video specs on par with the best on the market, it would make the Fuji my sole camera system. As Zack Arias said in one of his videos, the ideal camera would be a Fuji form factor still camera married with GH4 like video capabilities. That would be golden. For me at least.

It has been more than 2 years since my finger pressed the "X shutter" for the first time. It was good 2 years and I am looking forward for more. I decided to share some of my favorite photographs I captured with "X" cameras. Most of them already appeared on this site before, scattered in galleries and various blog posts but here they are all together. All range of styles and genres. I hope you enjoy them.