My first exhibition

I finally had my first photo exhibition. It took place on 9th January 2016 in my hometown Galanta in Slovakia. Part of the one day event was also an hour long presentation and talk about my two trips to Mongolia in 2015.

When I came home for two month long holiday in late November, I had no idea I will do something like this. A friend of mine suggested this. I was hesitant first, but he was quite persuasive and I decided to give it a try. We planed the whole thing as one day event consisting of exhibition followed by presentation and talk about my two Mongolia. We selected 20 photographs that were printed in A3 size and mounted into black matte. Those were to be fixed onto the wall without a frame. 

Galanta is a small town and I had my doubts about possible attendance. I was not sure if people would be interested in event like this and also it was scheduled early in January, just after holiday season. I thought, if 30-40 people would show up that would meet my craziest expectation. When the time approached and we opened the doors, people started showing up and the room was filled by more than 80 guests. Crazy. I definitely didn’t expect that. 

Also, feedback was great. People liked the photographs and they enjoyed the talk and presentation too. I got plenty of questions after the talk so I was sure they were interested. Even though I am an introvert person and talking in front of audience is not my thing, it went surprisingly well. 

I would like to thank Miroslav Šimek, who helped me organising the event and provided photo coverage, Slovakian sculptor Ladislav Sabo who provided spaces for exhibition in his workshop 4D Gallery and Radovan Vranka from Bautech ltd. for helping with printed materials.