Second outing with Srey Vy

Last time I caught up with Srey Vy I promised her that If I stay in Singapore after New Year I will visit her again. I am man of my word and I booked my flight to Phnom Penh at the end of March 2014. Just in time before long break in Cambodia due to Khmer New Year. During this holiday most of the kids visit their homes and relatives and also Srey Vy will be on her way to her home province. 

We met during a hot day on 30th of March. It was only morning but sun was shining quite relentless. I was waiting at hotel lobby for them to arrive.  Soon enough she arrived by tuk-tuk accompanied by translator and her sister. After warm greetings we decided to go to Central Market for some shopping. This was a ladies wold. I was patiently waiting and trying to take pictures as they moved between shops and tried clothes and shoes. Srey Vy settled for nice pink clothes, while her sitter picked some jeans. Both girls also got new shoes. 

After few hours we felt the heat even in the shade and we decided to drop in to City Mart shopping centre. It was nicely air-conditioned. There is a place for kids to play at the top level. We spent there good hour or so. Girls seemed to forget everything for a while and they got the chance to be kids again. 

There is nothing fun in empty stomach right? Next stop was lunch, but first, wash the hands. Hygiene is very important and I am glad at CCF they put high attention to hygiene. Chicken wings, french fries, coke and some more goodies were on the menu. With out stomachs filled there was one mandatory stop :) guessed right. Ice cream on the hot day is a must. And boy, it was yummy. I cannot forget the also mandatory balloon :)

As it was Sunday, CCF facilities were closed the outing came to an end.  We hopped on tuk-tuk and headed back to hotel when I sad my last goodbyes. I had an incredibly fun day and I am sure Srey Vy enjoyed it too. Although very shy and quiet, the smiles when she was leaving spoke thousand words.

I hope to see you again very soon girl. In the meantime with holiday quickly approaching I wish you Happy Khmer New Year and safe journey to your home province.