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Chulu West, one step at the time

This was my last big adventure of 2014. I went on a bit unexpected climb of Chulu West (6,419m) in Nepal. Joined by Ngima Sherpa and Nurbu Sherpa I trekked the beautiful Manang Valley up to the base camp of Chulu West and attempted to summit the peak. Although unsuccessful, I had lots of fun on this trip and I came back with tons of memories and new experiences.

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1st major mirrorless adventure trip

I am getting ready for my next adventure. My goal is to climb Chulu West peak (6,419) in Himalayas. I'll be on the road for 3 weeks and this is my first major trip without DSLR. Instead I'll be accompanied by mirrorless cameras. I admit it makes me feel bit uneasy but on the other side I am sure I will not miss the bulk especially in higher altitudes. If you ask why, have a read.

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