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Second outing with Srey Vy

Last time I caught up with Srey Vy I promised her that If I stay in Singapore after New Year I will visit her again. I am man of my word and I booked my flight to Phnom Penh at the end of March 2014. Just in time before long break in Cambodia due to Khmer New Year. During this holiday most of the kids visit their homes and relatives and also Srey Vy will be on her way to her home province.

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And in Phnom Penh again

After another long hot weekend spent in Phnom Penh I came up with set of few images taken around markets in city centre.  As always, markets are source of endless photography possibilities. For these I used 56mm lens (85mm on full frame) which is not considered a street photographer's focal length but what the heck. I do what I want to do :) So here they are. Hope you like them.

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Snaps from Phnom Penh

These are few chosen photographs I have taken during my last visit to Phnom Penh. They are mostly from Kandal Market in Riverside area of the city. Even with limited time, there are thousands of subject and situations to photograph in this area. There is a lot happening within few blocks. The place is always alive and especially early morning or just before sunset it offers numerous photographic opportunities in great light. All you need to do is just walk around and try to blend in as much as possible. With time and little patience you will be rewarded by some nice street and documentary shots.

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