Wentworth Falls bushwalk, Blue Mountains

One of the many cascaded on Wentworth Falls hike

Wentworth Falls is one of the most popular and spectacular hikes in the Blue Mountains. It is an ideal spot for an easy one-day weekend hike. Located just 2 hours by train from Sydney it easy to reach and most importantly, it is spectacular.

It has been raining last 2 weeks and I was pinned down in my apartment. I didn't do too much, to be honest. Being indoors is depressive and I was eager to get out, especially out of the city. Weather forecast for last weekend was promising so I decided to go for a hike with my friend and colleague Etienne. Of course, I packed the camera, but I didn't expect to come back with anything worth posting. First of all, It is a popular hike and easily accessible. Therefore place is often crowded. Chances of getting a clean shot are limited. Especially on sunny Sundays. Second, by the time we reached the place, the sun was already high. If you ever visited Australia, you know how harsh the light can be. I didn't really care. Just being outside and out of the city was worth it. The hike is not too difficult neither too long. It took us about 4-5 hours with lots of breaks for photography. There are some spectacular views, waterfalls, and cascades the Wentworth Falls bushwalk is famous for.

The hike is not too difficult neither too long. It took us about 4-5 hours with lots of breaks for photography. There are some spectacular views, waterfalls, and cascades the Wentworth Falls bushwalk is famous for. There are beautiful views from the cliffside. Once down in the canyon, the temperature drops significantly. It was a hot day so I didn't mind. The Blue Mountains is a destination for many activities, not just hiking. I came along a group of people doing canyoning. This also provided a great opportunity for some interesting shots. Canopy provided us with some great dappled lighting locations which I tried to take advantage of. For example, I took this nice shot of Etienne sitting next to a small creek with dappled light hitting mainly his face. I think it turned out quite well.

Photographing the waterfalls

Surprisingly, although crowded, it wasn't overflowing with people. With enough patience, I can wait for a little until all selfie lovers finish their photo shoot. I needed a couple of seconds only to take my shots. That's actually a good tip. Set up, frame the shot, take some test shots if necessary even with people in the frame and make sure everything works as desired. Then just wait for the clearance and fire off your camera when ready.


To get a nice picture of a waterfall, I needed a tripod and ND filter. Knowing where we going, I had these with me. At the end, I only used a polariser. It cuts down the light by 2 stops which were enough to blur the fast running water in waterfalls and cascades. It also cuts down the reflection and pops the saturation a tad. We lost a lot of light by being down in the canyon and under canopy. Wentworth Falls is a beautiful place. Definitely well worth to visit.

I took all photographs with Fujifilm X-T2 and XF 14mm lens combo. Add to that Sirui carbon fiber tripod, circular polarizer and there you have my setup. I fired the shots with a 2-second timer to avoid camera shake. I forgot one essential piece of equipment, though. The microfiber cloth. With such a wide angle lens I had to get real close to waterfall and that meant lots of spray on the lens. I used my t-shirt to wipe it off, but inevitably it left lots of smudges on the glass. Upon closer inspection of the files at home, I didn't find it that bad. However, a couple of photographs had water drops on them that rendered them useless. I still managed to get few shots out of this hike to share with you. I developed all photographs in Adobe Lightroom. Here they are.

Etienne standing on a log, Wentworth Falls hike 
Water streaming down on brown cliff. Wentworth Falls hike.
Etienne under dappled light. Scene, like from Caravaggio painting. Wentworth Falls hike.
The view on the valley from to of big Wentworth Falls waterfall.
The first water cascade on the Wentworth Falls track.
Wentworth Falls, the big one, looking up from canyon.
One of the bigger cascades at Wentworth Falls.track.
Bit different angle on one of the bigger cascades at Wentworth Falls track.
One of the smaller cascades at Wentworth Falls track.
Smaller cascade with red rock at Wentworth Falls track.
"Red rock" at Wentworth Falls.
One of the cascades at Wentworth Falls.
Canyoning at Wentworth Falls.
Canyoning instructor is belaying a client at Wentworth Falls.
Canyoning at Wentworth Falls track. It's slippery and wet experience.
Canyoning at Wentworth Falls track

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