Wentworth Falls hike video (Gopro Hero5 Black)

It's been raining a lot lately. We used a small window of nice sunny weather and we went for a one day hike to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. Of course I packed my camera gear, however, I didn't expect to get any reasonable shots. This particular bushwalk is very easy to reach and I predicted some serious crowds. Also, the place is about 2 hours from Sydney and even early start means we would miss the best morning light. 

The main purpose of this day trip was to have a fun and most of all, get out of the city. And fun it was. I filmed some footage with GoPro Hero5 Black and the edited it into short 3 min long video. This is the very first footage I captured with the new GoPro. I set the resolution to 2.7K. It gave me the "Linear" option in the angle of view. I didn't need to correct for the fisheye distortion in the post. I set the color to Protune and I shot everything at 50 frames per second. This gave me the option to slow some clips down in the post.

It's been fun. "Linear" angle view works quite well. I output the final version in 1080p. 2.7K allows for little post zoom and re-framing. Looking at the final video, I went too far on some clips. As a conclusion, it was a good lesson and a beautiful day out was also worth it. Wentworth Falls is a beautiful location and well worth a visit.  I'll definitely go back.

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